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Christine Hamilton, New Homes Sales Power Solutions - (916) 768-5525
Christine HamiltonNew Home Sales Leadership

Empowers Others

Christine Hamilton specializes in training and coaching home builders’ front-line representatives into outstanding Marketing and Sales Professionals. Her mission: to empower others across the globe by modeling behaviors and techniques that lead to exceptional sales results.

Experiencebacked by results.

Exceeds Expectations

Christine has over 30 years experience backed by exceptional results.  Her honors include: NAHB Gold Award for Best Salesperson of the Year, 2x NAHB Silver Award winner, 3x MAME Award winner, and MAME Rookie of the Year.  She is also the past Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Beazer Homes Northern California with a track record of consistently leading her team to exceed sales and closing expectations.

In Builder Sales POWER, you will learn:

• How to tap into your reasons for selling a home today and stay motivated to do your best every day.
• How to proactively generate leads and bring business into the company at little or no cost.
• The graceful art of asking questions that guide the customer’s thinking to a “Yes” buying decision today.
• How to professionally “stomp” the competition from both new and resale homes.
• How to unveil and magnify your customers’ urgency and shorten the sales cycle.
• To be a masterful closer with all personality types and overcome the toughest objections.
• Manageable follow-up habits and practices that are effective, yet not overwhelming.

If you really want to step up your game, this is the book for you!

16 Training Modules

1) Mindset of a Money Maker
2) Sales Motivation & SMART Goals
3) Bringing in the Business
4) The ART of Asking Questions – S.P.I.N.
5) Mastering Personality Selling
6) Model and Production Demonstration
7) Juggling Multiple Customers
8) Money Talks – FHA, VA & CONV Financing
9) How to “stomp” the Competition
10) Contingencies – Getting them to Sell FAST!
11) How to Unveil & Magnify Customer Urgency
12) Killer Closes for Deadly Sales PROfessionals
13) Overcoming Tough Objections
14) FAN-Tastic Follow-Up
15) Spiritual Laws of New Home Sales
16) Lead, Empower, and Get Results

Sales leadershipby example.

SEBC 2014

See Hamilton live at the Southeast Building Conference in Orlando, Florida, July 24 & 25, 2014.

Hamilton’s “Mindset of a Money Maker” will be presented as a panel discussion in conjunction with “Getting Inside the Minds of the Home Shopper”.

Christine Hamilton: “MASTER the CLOSE”  Take home techniques and practices for an effective close; How to be assertive but not pushy; What to say, how to say it and when to listen; and When and how to be persistent in asking for the sale.  Not to be missed if you are committed to selling and closing more homes now!

Energy, engagement and inspiration...

...lead to a positive ROI.

Clients include:
Black Mountain LLC, DaVinci Group, DR Horton, Faber Homes, Florida Home Builders Association, Foundation Homes, Grand View Builders, Leader Realty LLC, Maracay Homes, Minto Communities, Mountain View Homes, Paradigm Real Estate Solutions, Southern California Sales & Marketing Council, Tampa Bay Builders Association, Southeast Builders Conference, Village Homes, Weyerhaeuser Corporation and committed individuals like you.

Individual coaching for peak performance.

Smart Investment

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